Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Charoset (Chopped Apples & Almonds spread)

Charoset is one of the symbolic foods served during a Passover seder every year. 

It is always such a hit with my kids--and it is so healthy-- that I try to remember to make it throughout the year:

(This makes a ton, you can halve the recipe):

Makes 5-6 cups

5 organic apples: 
3 granny smith, 1 golden delicious, 1 honey crisp (or whatever you can find)
Zest & juice from 1 lemon
1 cup of 365 brand almonds
1 teaspoon cane sugar
1 tablespoon cinnamon 
¼ cup sweet Manischewitz wine (or sub any sweet-ish red wine)

(1) Cut up the apples (toss the core) into equal small sizes and put in the food processor. Chop up the apples into small minced chunks and transfer to a mixing bowl. Repeat until all the apples are chopped—chop no more than 2 at a time or you’ll make a paste.
(2) Take the juice of lemon and add to the apple mixture. Grate zest and leave in food processor—almonds will chop it later.
 (3) Grind the almonds with the zest, sugar and cinnamon. Add to the mixture. It will stay good for over a week in the fridge. Flavors will intensify after the first few days. 

Great on matzah, can also eat on pita, crackers, etc.

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