Sunday, August 14, 2016

Back to School Tip: Snack Bin

I know, I know.
We all want to do these amazing things, but we are tired and overwhelmed!

If there is ONE thing you do before school starts, I suggest making a Snack Bin.  Somehow this makes you feel like you've got your shit together more than anything else.  Here is how I get into the frame of mind for this--- tell yourself you will devote 2-3 hours to this project before the first day of school and then just do it.  That includes shopping and everything start to finish.  You will feel so ON TOP of stuff if you do this one thing (and it might push you into a surge of organization)!

Load up on 365 Snacks, ziplock snack bags (which I reuse-- so find a container for putting the used bags when you unload lunch boxes-- I use reusable containers for wet stuff and only use ziplock for dry things so I can reuse).

For even more savings, when you go shopping at Whole Foods, buy in bulk for a 10% case discount. Ask at Customer Service before you start.  Most things are a "case" at 6 items.    It really is worth it-- and Back to School is when Whole Foods has the best deals on these items anyway-- so this really sets you up for a smooth first 2 months of school where you're not running out of stuff.  It's all sealed well, so you can even store extra in a clothes closet, doesn't matter.

Have your kids help!  My 9 year old knows this is totally her task now.  I set up the baggies and snacks and she fills til the bin is full.  You can also have them make Trail Mix (cranberries, nuts, cereal, banana chips)

If you do a Snack Bin, tag me @ilovewholefoods so I can see it!
You can also use #backtoschoolhacks

Good luck, and Happy Back to School!

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