Friday, June 24, 2016

Red Pantry

Red Pantry is the pantry my husband and I built to accommodate overflow from the regular pantry.

Looking inside Red Pantry will tell you all you need to know:

I try to buy these when they are on sale and stock up.   By keeping these things stocked (3-4 of each item) you save money by getting the lowest price (wait til it is on sale-- sales usually run every 2 months, so get 2 months' worth if you have the space) and you also don't ever have to do a full shop.  You shouldn't have to shop for staples more than 6-8 times a year maximum.

Baking shelf:
Organic Cane Sugar (non-organic contains animal product)
Waffle mix
Organic Brown sugar (non-organic contains animal product)
Chocolate chips

Dry goods shelf:
Chickpeas- dried
Brown rice (poured into mason jar for better storage)
Refried Black Beans
Black beans
Lentils- dried
Boullion cubes (Rapunzel brand, no salt)

Peanut butter
Taco shells
Snacks: Animal cookies, banana chips, dried cranberries, graham crackers, breakfast bars, etc

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