Friday, June 24, 2016

I Love Whole Foods

Yep... the supermarket.

I love it.

I go almost everyday to my local store, I know the employees, they know my kids... the awesome coffee bar people know how I take my coffee.  Sometime in the last year, I think I replaced my extended family with Whole Foods.  Oh, yeah.  It's serious.


I can shop a bit more relaxed there... they don't sell any of the ingredients I try so hard to avoid.   I'm glad my kids are seeing Whole Foods as the "default".  The 365 brand is a great bargain.  (You cannot get natural peanut butter anywhere else for just $2.49).

So... here are my adventures in Whole Foods Market.

Some recipes, some tricks, some favorite WFM traditions.  (Sunday breakfast on the WFM patio, anyone?)

Away we go...!

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